Waterjet cutting

We have 5 waterjet cutting machines, to cut up to 200mm thick plates with very tight tolerances. Maximum net cutting area: 3000x16000mm Maximum operating pressure 6200 bar. We can cut the following materials: Titanium, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, austenitic and superaustenitic stainless steel, duplex, superduplex, 254 SMO, foams, copper, aluminum, brass, silicone, kevlar, carbon fibre, plastics, gaskets, rubber. Advantages of water-jet cutting:

  • high precision
  • cold cutting method - does not affect the structural properties of the material
  • clean end product - no need for reworking
  • ideal method for the production of prototypes
  • optimised utilisation of material with CAD/CAM software
  • customised system solution
  • improved cut edge weldability
EPSON DSC picture
EPSON DSC picture